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Mattress Guide

The average person spends about one-third of their life in bed. That calculates to 3,000 hours or
120 days in a single year. Wondering if it’s time to buy a new bed? What makes it right for you?
With so much to choose from, we have compiled a few helpful tips to ensure you get that great
night’s sleep you deserve.

Is it Time to Replace Your Mattress?
If you’re not sleeping well, your mattress could be the problem. To determine if it is time to
replace your current mattress set, consider 
factors such as its support, comfort and overall

It’s time to buy a new mattress if:
• You wake up with aches and pains that dissipate throughout the day
• Your mattress shows visible signs of wear and tear
• You feel the coils when lying on your bed
• You hear noises/creaks on your mattress when moving around
• You roll toward the middle of the bed
Choose Your Comfort, Size and Brand
A mattress with the right comfort and support ensures you get the great night’s sleep you
deserve. There are usually three different options with innerspring products such as firm, plush,
or pillow top. In addition to innerspring products, the Tempur-Pedic® and Dr. Breus Sleep
Doctor Mattresses also provide exceptional support in addition to a completely pressure less
sleeping surface. All Tempur-Pedic® mattress and foundation sets come with a 90 day money
back trial, and all Sleep Doctor mattress and foundation sets come with a 90 day in home trial.

Does Quality Really Matter?
Ultimately, it’s wise to purchase the best and biggest mattress that fits your budget. Investing in a
good night’s sleep is investing in your own health. Try not to spend too much time getting caught
up in coil counts, as coil count is typically relative to the type of coil used. Just because one bed
has more coils than another doesn’t always mean it is better. What’s more important than coil
count is the gauge of steel in the coil and the amount of turns or revolutions per coil. In addition,
it is important to know if a coil is heat tempered and if there is an edge support built into the
As for all foam beds that have no coils, the most important factor is the density of the foam. All
Tempur-Pedic® products use up to a 7lb per cubic foot high density foam. In addition this is an
open celled foam that naturally breathes well, unlike most of the Tempur-Pedic® knockoff brands
that use closed cell foam that will not breathe or dissipate body heat quite as well. Though the
Tempur-Pedic® products are not right for everyone, with regards to comfort and durability it is the
highest quality product in the industry.