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What are the dimensions of the different sizes?
Twin: 38”x74”
Full: 53”x74”
Queen: 60”x80”
King : 76”x80”
CA King: 72”x84”

How long will it take for delivery?
We usually offer same day delivery on mattresses. If for some reason we are out of something it usually only takes 5-7 business days to get it in.

Is Tempur-Pedic® worth it?
Though everyone has different needs, we encourage all of our customers to try the Tempur-Pedic® because it has a 90 day money back trial period. We have found that it has the lowest rate of return in the mattress industry. It is also the most durable product in the industry and resists body impressions better than most other mattress brands over time.

Is TEMPUR® material temperature sensitive?
Yes, TEMPUR® material is engineered to respond differently to very slight changes in temperature to become soft where you want it and firm where you need it. The material conforms exactly to every curve and angle of your body while supporting you in perfect alignment. If you place a piece of TEMPUR® material in the freezer it will freeze solid. Most of the competitors or Tempur-Pedic® “knockoffs” foams will not. They are generally made of ordinary foams that like basic polyurethane foams have no temperature sensitivity or pressure relieving characteristics. In addition, TEMPUR® material is an open celled structure that is able to dissipate body heat to allow you to sleep slightly cooler.

What happens if I think my mattress is defective?
All mattresses we carry have a manufacturer’s warranty. If you think you have a product that is defective, please call us and we will explain what you need to do. Please keep in mind that comfort is not something covered under any mattress warranty by any mattress manufacturer. Please also note that in the state of Texas, stained or soiled bedding makes a warranty null and void.

What is the best mattress?
The word “best” and mattress do go hand in hand, but usually “best” is left up to personal preference. One may find that firm is best and another may find that soft is best. Everyone’s needs are different and we sell with that in mind.

Should I replace my box spring also?
You are more than welcome to buy a mattress only. However, it is important to know that if you put one company’s mattress on another’s box spring then it will void the warranty on the mattress. In addition, Tempur-Pedic® mattresses are not designed to be used with traditional box springs.

Is a firm mattress good for my back?
If you sleep on your back then yes, but most people tend to sleep on their sides. It is important to find a mattress that is both supportive and comfortable to you so you get a good night’s sleep. A mattress with a softer sleeping surface does not mean you are giving up support.

How do I know if I need a new mattress?
A mattress is commonly the most overlooked piece of furniture in the home and an important investment. If your mattress is seven to ten years old, it’s time for a new mattress. You shouldn’t feel coils, bumps, dips or sags in your mattress. Sleeping on an uncomfortable sleep set prohibits you from getting the regenerative sleep you need each night.

What is a low profile box spring?
All of our mattresses come with the option of a low profile box spring that will reduce the over all height of the set by 4”.

What do I do with my old bedding?
We provide mattress removal free of charge and it is included in our free delivery.

Do you sell adjustable beds?
Yes, we carry a full line of adjustable beds.

Do you have financing?
Yes, we have financing options from 6 months zero interest all the way up to 24 months zero interest.

Do you deliver outside of the Beaumont Area?
Yes, we usually will deliver in a 75 mile radius of Beaumont. Depending on the purchase, there may be a small delivery charge. See store for details.

I saw one of your ads, and I know what I want, can I buy it over the phone and set up delivery?
Yes, although we do suggest you come into the store to try the mattress first.